WHITECHAPEL ”A New Era of Corruption”

Metal Blade Records – 2010 – U.S.A.

Whitechapel does deathcore. Many people see deathcore as a bad genre (I see like that because of many bands) But, in deathcore genre, this band has a different place. Generally, in deathcore bands, there is a pig squealer guy screaming a lot. However, this band isn’t like that.

The vocal does brutal and guttural. He doesn’t use pig squeal, going between brutal and guttural vocal sometimes uses scream vocal. This makes a difference for the band along the other deathcore bands. The vocal has a very good brutal and avarage guttural, very deep, powerful and grim enough.

The drums are known deathcore drums. Sometimes attacks, little bit blast, little bit double cross, the mentality of known hardcore drums but with a little technical attractions, the drums are bit above the typical deathcore drums. Guitars are also in deathcore mentality. A lot of breakdowns, sometimes effusive parts, sometimes prominent parts like solos.. But, the general structure is on breakdowns.

Lyrical concept is about death, murder, brutality etc.. The quality of the recording is splendid as it is always like that in deathcore genre. It is very clear and nice to listen.

The cover is also appropriate for the gore concept, the people tied to a machine, bloody it is and also weird.

On the whole, I can say that this band is a rare good one in deathcore road.


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