Brutalcore – Gore Obsessed Split

We are very happy to announce releasing the great split “2 Bone Chilling Shockers” between BRUTALCORE and GORE OBSESSED.

The all-new CD consists of unrelenting, brutal songs by the Turkish death metallers, BRUTALCORE, and GORE OBSESSED, the Dutch one-man death metal band.

01. Collapsed Towers  
02. Zombie Mater  
03. Carrion Kind Of Society  
04. Dead & Buried (Mortician Cover)  
Gore Obsessed
05. Rotting Cunt Of A Dead Whore  
06. Four Teenage Fucks & A Maniac  
07. A Case Of Medical Malpractice  
08. Bathroom Molester  
09. I’m a Necrophile  
10. Driller Killer  
11. Slaughterhouse (Mortician Cover)

The split will be out @ 30th of June. In the meantime, please visit bands’ MySpace pages to listen to selected tracks:

Preorders available :

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