EVANGELIST – Doominicanes

Doomentia Records -2013-Poland
The legendary Polish band EVANGELIST was heard from again recently. The cd is called “Doominicanes“ and is distributed via Doomentia Records. The band whose members names are unknown is since 2008 together and released in 2013 their already second cd.
The gents celebrate here Doom Metal. Without gadgetry, the way it should be. Variable riffs which may also be halting combine with dark Doom sound frameworks to a depressive and hopeless musical mass. The listener is brought in gloomy, deperate worlds without return ticket. The very emotional vocals still do one last thing to intensify this mood. Thereby “Doominicanes“ is no easy to consume album. The all in all five songs are all equal in their basic tenor, but each song offers a varied selection of oppressive music in the mid tempo area which is nevertheless multifarious. The complete musical world of EVANGELIST becomes only at repeated listening accessible to the listener. Who always wanted to know how death and hopelessness feels like gets here a little foretaste of it. Very ambitious and dedicated recorded you have also productional not much to complain about. For Doom Metal fans a must-buy!!!!


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