ABYSS CEREBRUM – Journey Towards Eternity

Self Released Demo – 2013- France

The French ABYSS CEREBRUM are already since 2009 musically active. This year they released their first EP called “Journey Towards Eternity“ in in-house production.
This EP is a tough one. ABYSS CEREBRUM celebrate here Black Metal. Very diversified played by two guitars which show pretty impressive that the gents have plenty down pat musically and don’t relapse into dull thrashing. The great musical range is also shown in the skilful variation of different tempi. From pretty fast passages through to halting insertions evrything is represented here. By the wealths of variants develop pitch-black musical worlds which contain beauty and despite within themselves. Dense sound walls of ice and hate which are presented very emotionally charged come upon melodies which fit perfectly into the overall structure. Supported by forceful bass-lines and a strong douleblast drumming a cold shiver runs down the listerens’ back while listening. The distinctive growls as well as the clean vocals ensure that you don’t forget this production that fast. You indeed hear that this production is an inhouse production. But, this doesn’t attracts attention not that much at that much dedication and heart’s blood. Better listen to “Journey Towards Eternity“ yourselves. You won’t regret it!!!!


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