AOSOTH ”IV:An Arrow In The Heart”

Agonia Records – 2013 – France

The Frenchmen AOSOTH will release in April 2013 their latest opus via Agonia Records. It is called “ IV:An Arrow In The Heart“.

The gents play Black Metal with several excursions in the Experimental corner. Dark sound frameworks are mixed with very arbitrary and experimental riffs. Of this gloomy musical mass emerges the sound of AOSOTH. Temporarily unusual drum parts which partially make leeway into the acoustic area which reinforce and support the innovative part of the production. The dark growls of vocalist MkM are in contrast. The listener is brought into a bizarre world of darkness, hate and depression. Of all components develop rather unique songs which are not easy to consume. You have to listen to “IV:An Arrow In The Heart“ already several times in order to conceive the entire multifacetedness of the production. Pruductional there is also nothing wrong. The partial very long songs (up to 16 minutes running time) clarify the compactness and the artistic aspiration of the songs. AOSOTH manage it here to carry on their already walked path far from all musical conventions and genres without leaving the Black Metal issue out. For fans of Experimental Black Metal a must. I can only recoomend to all others this cd!!!

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