EMPYRIUM ”The Turn Of The Tides”

Prophecy Pro – 2014 – Germany

After a long silence, Empyrium returned with an album which isn’t predictable. It has nothing to do with their first phase (their first two albums), nor with the second phase and it also can’t be compared to The Vision Bleak. It sounds more like a mix of what we have known for now from them. Atmospheric acoustic parts meet some Gothic/Doom elements like we know from their first two albums. Also, some grim BM vocals can be heard here in the songs. As a long time fan of Empyrium, I was surprised to hear it because I thought that if they ever would bring out another album, it would for sure be something like their last two albums or that they would walk the same path as Ulver and bring us something entirely different and unexpected. The production here is very clean and there is nothing bad to say about that. It is hard to tell which of the songs here on it I like the most, because none of them are weak and every one of them has some interesting details in them which make them very interesting to listen to. Also, this is not an album from which you can take out a single songs, this has to be listen as the entire album.


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