Cevret – Ablaze (feat. Jacob Lauing) (Music Video)

"Embark on a sonic journey with Cevret, a visionary artist from Zurich. Experience the debut single from their upcoming concept EP album, exploring the gradual loss of human senses as a reflection of societal values. 'Ablaze,' the haunting opening track, depicts the fading of 'Hearing' amid conflict and turmoil. Collaborating with industry leaders, Solis aims to convey their message through music, making a lasting global impact."

Cevret is a progressive metal musician hailing from Zurich, Switzerland. Devoted to the realm of metal, Cevret is dedicated to crafting music that embodies uniqueness, power, and emotion. By pushing the boundaries and delving into the intricate facets of the human experience, Cevret embarks on a journey to craft progressive metal compositions that resonate with authenticity and serve as a wellspring of inspiration.

This song marks the debut single from the upcoming concept EP album by Cevret, an artist hailing from Zurich, Switzerland. The album embarks on a journey encompassing five profoundly evocative tracks, each metaphorically illustrating the gradual erosion of a human sense. This erosion of senses parallels the gradual decay of moral and ethical values, reflecting the decline of societal virtues.

Opening the series, “Ablaze” symbolizes the fading of the first sense, “Hearing.” This decline leaves a world consumed by unrelenting conflict, anguish, fury, and unfathomable turmoil. The eerie melody serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of actively listening and comprehending one another.

Cevret has been incredibly fortunate to collaborate with accomplished engineers and vocalists on this album. The aspiration is to share the music with as wide an audience as possible, transmitting the message and hopefully leaving a lasting impact on others.

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