Black Sachbak – Black Sachbak Vs. The Future

Combat Records – 2019 – Israel 

BLACK SACHBAK from Israel are back. After their debut cd from 2013 the follow-up “Black Sachbak Vs. The Future“ was released in February, 2019 via Combat Records.

After an awing visionary intro which distinctly presents the topic of the production it immediately flats out. Thrash Metal which also like the forerunner cd “No, Pain, No Gain“ may be experimental. Partially screaming guitars which bring out well-known, but nevertheless anything but boring riffs mingle with diverse other stylistic elements (among others Punk) to an independent musical mass. This goes definitely forwards, has speed and is fresh and unspent. Forceful bass-lines give additionally energy and sustainability. Another advantage are the multi-variant vocals of Eliran Balely which further interferes individuality and identity. You can hear as an additional goodie a Michael Jackson parody (“The Michael Jackson Job“). Here shows the band its humoristic side without thereby loosing power and aggressiveness. I think the artwork is once again very successful. Sheer Old School Thrash Metal style. Altogether a rock-solid production which set itself apart soothing from the other Thrash Metal mishmash. For fans of experimental Thrash Metal an absolutely necessity!!!!

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