ARMOR COLUMN ”Maximum Collateral Damage”

EBM Records – 2011 – U.S.A.

We need to go back to exactly 23-24 years with you guys. I know, it is almost a lifetime for some unfortunate ones, yet it is a “metal to the hilt” band in question that I am trying to write about. It is a band that does not take any notice in trends and years, yet considers playing an instrument seriously and decently as important, displaying all the feelings and sickness into the spirit of the 80s regarding man, life and imagination. It is a band formed by the saying “yes, this is us and hell with you all”. For most of us it depends on how much we are attached to “mission”. If those trendy guys and brats, who listen to metal just to be, read the article thus far, they should stop reading immediately and go back to “Kerrang”.

The band is formed by five yankees and finds its place in Extreminal pages from the city of Albany in the northeast of America. The most well-known name of the band is Noah Carpenter, the guitarist of Skinless. After reading this, I accept most of the death metal freaks to say “ohh come on” as possible,but how old are you? The band literally plays thrash-power-speed metal hard as a rock with the sickness and the taste of Mercyful Fate, Hellstar, Exodus and Queensyrche. Those who know Skinless will not feel out of it,nuclear war and the great destruction concepts, which were the most favourite concepts of the speed-trash bands of the 80s cold war period, are also dominant here. Those who want to watch the end of the world and consider themselves lucky fort hat, raise your hands! I can say that Hellstar and Exodus are the closest bands to the guitar riffs and concepts of Noah and Ray in this album, of course I do not mean “the same”, however these two bands can be a clue to those who have not listened the album yet. It sure is technical and sick!

In recent years, many thrash metal bands, loyal to the 80s old school style, have taken place in market with their albums, and it even became a trend regarded to the mass number of the bands, but Armor Column has absolutely done it correctly and sincerely! Power Thrash metal, as it is called by the band, is just a suitable name since we can not call this thrash by all means. My point of view is not so different from theirs regarding to the sounds and the music. Thrash-Power-Speed metal fans should not miss it and all the rest who love metal by all means should take a look and get the album as well.


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