ANCESTORS BLOOD ”When the Forest Calls”

Heidens Hart Records – 2009 – Finland

This release is the second album of this band. I must say that I haven’t heard their first album yet, but I guess that after this review, I will have too now. The music here is very atmospheric here and it reminds me at some moments to some of the old Norwegian Black Metals from the 90’s like Gehenna, Forlorn and others. From time to time, this release also reminds me of the first Empyrium album. Mainly because of the keyboards here. The production here is clean, but when it comes to the vocals here, I must say that they could be better. They could be a bit louder, this way they sound like the singer can sing them very good. I hope that this won’t be the case on the next album of this band, because they have surely some potential. Also, I don’t like the way of singing here. On this record are 6 songs, 1 intro and 5 songs. The length of the songs is between 5 and 8 minutes which is a good length for them. They are never boring, because of the many details in them. The song are mostly above mid speed tempo here with some slower and some faster parts. This contributes also a lot to the atmosphere here beside the keyboards that I already mentioned. The instrumental “Metsäpirtti (part 1)” is a perfect example of it. I would recommend this release to all the fans of atmospheric Black Metal.


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