PANDEMONIUM ”Promo 2010”

Godz ov War Productions – 2010 – Poland

My first encounter with the name of Pandemonium has already occurred in the days of elementary school. Cousin, who was “educating” me at the beginning of my musical path- she told me about the concert that took place in our native little town many years ago. In the hall of her high school then played Pandemonium. Later I met with the cd “Devilri” and Domain, considered by many people to be the continuation of this team. I will say frankly that, despite great respect for Paul and team achievements of the company, I never could get sucked into their music enough to go back to it regularly. Somehow I found hard to wade through flooded in old-school sauce, clearly inspired by bands the likes of Samael stuff. Pandemonium is back with new album ‘Misanthrophy” which release Pagan Records, and the subject of reviews are just two songs from that disc. First, pay attention to the extremely aesthetic and professional form of promotion, which is pumped promo edition in digipack. As for the music itself-by virtue of the fact that in recent times more and more pull me slow and mournful music varieties (doom, sludge, etc..), The more curiosity, I started for listen this material. Numbers contained on this cd listening to pretty good, like everything is in place. There is darkness and dirt, melodies in strong balck metal convention, well-built climate (paranoid chants in the background), but I miss some of the point here, which would makes me totally excited and then I would say “god damned, this is it.” It is possible that these two songs are something like sentence being out of context and “Misanthrophy” as a whole is able to defend. I mentioned the black metal influence. It’s hard sometimes to determine whether it is just death or black. Structures of some riffs, temp, background vocal expression or evidence of a black art, inspiration, and the music itself is very sleek mirage of these two species. Vocal parties are very interesting. Boorish low vocals of Paul, is at the moment supported by various types of spawn, hooting and conquer in the background. In these two pieces drew the most attention to tip the “Black Forest”, which is very good well screwed by supporting the various guitars. Technically there is nothing to attach, all playing well, but may have gained the same wording for clarity would strongly emphasize the guitar / tuning them a little heavier sound. But I also do not know whether this type are agonizing on the spot. The intent was to be tarry, old-school, grim, full of misanthropic atmosphere-and is, therefore Polish death metal fans early 90s should feel free to reach for this material.


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