WULFHEIM ”Alsvart”

Mortis Humanae Productions – 2012 – Spain

The 1-man project WULFHEIM is from Spain. Some time ago he released his opus “Alsvard“.

What does my ears hear here? Old School Black Metal how it could not be blacker. The listener is brought into a pitch-black world of hate and hopelessness of which there”s no escape. Severe dark riffs still reinforce this impression. Little short of inhuman fast doubleblast drumming underlines aggressivness and misanthropy. By the extremely distinctive, nagging vocals of Wulfheim which you don’t forget that fast is given additional sustainability to “Alsvard“. “Alsvard“ is thereby partially presented in highspeed that the listener gets only few time for breathing. But, you can also hear here more slowly passages in the upper mid tempo so that the listener gets a little time to take breath. By the mix of different tempi the production receives additional variety. An entirely successful production which you can recommend unhesitatingly!!!

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