Magenta Harvest

Magenta Harvest, started as a two-man project in 2005, when former …and Oceans members Timo K (Havoc Unit, O, ex-…and Oceans) and Janne (MyGrain, ex-…and Oceans) wanted to continue making early …and Oceans kind of music. Years later the project has been transformed into a full 5-piece band, when bassist Jonas (Chthonian, The Iniquity Descent), Guitarist Timo H and latest addition singer Mathias (Finntroll, Chthonian, The Iniquity Descent) joined in the  line-up.

After two well-received EP’s: a Familiar Room (2011) and Apparition Of Ending (2012), the band is ready to enter studio (SoundSpiral Audio) in May and record as yet untitled full-length album with Juho Räihä. The release date is planned for the summer/fall 2013 according to finnish label Inverse Records.

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