GOREAPHOBIA ”Apocalyptic Necromancy”

Dark Descent Records – 2011 – U.S.A. (Pennsylvania)

Here we have a death metal band from Pennsylvania that was created in the distant 1988.GOREAPHOBIA called it quits in 1994 and in 2001 they were resurrected to a new life.”Apocalyptic Necromancy” is their second album after the official debut CD from 2009 “Mortal Repulsion”.GOREAPHOBIA’s line-up features two of the original members – Alex Bouks on guitar (he is currenty playing also with the great INCANTATION) and the bassist/vocalist Chris Gamble who used to play with ABSU for a while.The other two partners in crime are the drummer Jim Roe who used to play for INCANTATION and MASTER among others and the guitarist VJS.

“Apocalyptic Necromancy” offers twelve decent tracks in which death/black/thrash and doom metal are mixed.My personal favourite songs are “The Attractor” and “Totem of the Vulture” in which the influence of the oldschool black/thrash of HELLHAMMER and SODOM is obvious.The longest track of the album “White Wind Spectre” is also quite impressive with its semi-acoustic sound.”Sigil on the Death’s Hand” on the other hand is an ominous black metal track.Not all tracks here are the best possible but as a whole “Apocalyptic Necromancy” is an album above average level that will most probably delight all fans of dark oldschool extreme music.


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