WORSTENEMY ”Revelation”

WormHoleDeath Records – 2012 – Italy

The veterans WORSTENEMY from Italy are heard from again. They have their cd “Revelation“ in their luggage which is distributed via WormHoleDeath Records in spring 2013.

Here is celebrated genuine Old School Death Metal. Dark and emphatic songs which you don’t forget that fast. The all in all ten songs roll like a steamroller towards the listener. The drummer flails at his skins in high speed! There the neck muscles rotate non-stop. Typical Death Metal riffs which are presented multi-variant still reinforce the brutal impression. “Revelation“ receives additional energy and variety by the use of different tempi without thereby becoming superficial! Partially halting riffs reinforce brutality and aggressiveness and grant the listener a bit time to take breath. The distinctive growls of vocalist Mario Pulisci give “Revelation“ additional power and sustainability. Who is into Old School Death Metal can grab here without hesitation!!!!

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