21 XII 2012, death metal band ISURUS from Poland released the first demo material. “Outcast” is over 24 minutes of music closed in 7 different compositions, inspired by the American death metal music. Big Hit for Nile, Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus fans and more … The material was released as a standard jewel-case with a printed booklet in addition, material included video to the title track! The cover artwork was created by Dominik Spirit Wawak which is known for music achievements in: Sinphonicon and Sonneillon.
01. Apocalypse – The Manifestation of the First Horsemen
02. Outcast
03. Black Market
04. Torment (The Eternal Punishment of the Fiend)
05. Dreaming Through the Waves of Endless Ocean
06. Perforated Flesh
07. The Weapon Forged by Hate Itself
“Outcast” can be heard and seen below:

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