WormHoleDeath Records – 2013 – Sweden

The Swedes BEYOND MORTALITY will introduce this year a new cd. It is called “Infected Life“ and will be put on the market via WormHoleDeath Records.

After a short instrumental intro, underlaid only with powerful guitar play, it immediately goes flat out! BEYOND MORTALITY revive here the old Swedish Death Metal! Melodic base frames come upon Death Metal riffs and in reverse here. Supported by a powerful double blast drumming which supports the hardness and aggressiveness of the songs and yet reinforces. Thereby BEYOND MORTALITY transship the narrow crest between cover band and own sound very skilful by the use of partially longer independent riffs. These may be hard and at the same time also be melodic. “Infected Life“ is given additional sustainability and individuality by powerful, dark growls. The outcome was all in all twelve songs in the mid tempo area. BEYOND MORTALITY play very ambitious and technically impeccable. I can only recommend “Infected Life“!!!

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