WARCLOUDS ”A Disturbing Presence”

Self-released – 2011 – Brazil

The band WARCLOUDS which is originally from Brasil and now domiciled in England released a while ago their cd “Disturbing Presence“ in in-house production.

The guys play good old Death Metal. Powerful drumming and melodic catchy riffs mingle to the typical sound of WARCLOUDS. Thereby they sound nevertheless fresh and unconsumed. It is completely relinquished of technical folderol in order to appear as authentic as possible. WARCLOUDS play from the first to the last minute at full blast which definitely brings the production to the fore. The dark, emphatic growls yet reinforce the harsh atmosphere of the cd. Very ambitious recorded WARCLOUDS take solid Death Metal straight to the listeners’ ears. He knows what he gets here and he gets it! Who is into Melodic Death Metal can garb here unhesitatingly! It’s worth by all means!!!

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