WANDERLUST – Monolithe Entre Ruins

Swampkult Records -2012 -United States of America

The 1-man project WANDERLUST is from the USA. Already last year the first full-length cd “Monolithe Entre Ruins“ was published via Swampkult Productions.
Does the opener “Exclamavit“ yet sounds very much like Gregorian chants or even a church song this impression becomes discarded fast at the following song. Now, pure Black Metal is the subject. Very raw and primordial kept songs spread a pitch-black musical cloud which wrappes in the listener and tooks him along on a gloomy, cold journey. Hate and conempt sounds of each note. Supported by a doubleblast drumming which sounds forceful and hard. Round off by forceful bass-lines and the Old School Black Metal music is perfect. Thereby WANDERLUST always move in the mid-tempo area. The emphatic, dark growls give additional the main points and support the oppressive, hopeless atmosphere. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend “Monolithe Entre Ruins“ to each Black Metal fan!!!!


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