VISITANT ”The Sword Without Eyes”

Celestrial Frequency – 2012 – Malaysia

Some time ago I took notice of another band from Malaysia. There is talk of VISITANT which are already up to mischief since 1996.

Their music is a construct of Thrash and Death Metal with a sound portion of melody. This results in a severe Metal mixture. VISITANT are on the warpath against humanity embedded in notes and sounds. Energetic sound frameworks which result together with melodic riffs and little short of epic seeming melody bows in very independent songs. The distinctive vocals which are used sometime as growls and then again clean round off the general view positively. They give the songs the necessary punch and hardness. VISITANT have a knack of experimenting with various Metal styles and keyboard sounds without thereby loosing sight of the basic goal. War Melodic Metal skilful drawn attention to. I am curious what we will hear of VISITANT in the future. Visit the guys in the meantime on their Facebook or Myspace site. It’s worth it!!!

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