Marche Funebre Productions/Stygian Crypt Productions – 2010 – Belgium

It’s been very long since I listened to something like this. Belgian one-membered band’s 5th studio album is “Days Without Hope”. I want to talk about cover first. On cover, in cover and in slipcase, a nice brilliance is used, there’s a depressions starts with cover and goes to the album.

I like ambience’s melancholic side, albums opening song tells its mercilessness still, silently and without lyrics. Album goes on with long songs, strange brutal-like and sometimes whispering vocal and funeral doom metal-dark ambient. No drums are used, only guitar, bass and keyboard. Generally keyboard is superior, but intense and thick doom guitar tone completes the athmosphere.

Album deserves to be on the top of my collection, I suggest to the ones who joy depression. Album’s really impressive. I knew I had to keep this to the last, I need some alcohol, my next review is delayed now… I don’t suggest who never interested, thay may get bored, but people who are interested in this kind of bands will love it.


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