TOD HUETET UEBEL “Malicia” Digi-CD is out now

Possession productions present the Portuguese artistic chimera TOD HUETET UEBEL that unimaginably combines traditional misanthropic Black Metal and really dark and destructive ambient music.
The first full-length album “Malicia” is now released as limited edition. The design of a 6-panel Digi-CD created by extravagant Parisian Jean-Emmanuel “Valnoir” Simoulin. It was he who perfectly designed artworks for more than 150 bands, including ALCEST, ANTAEUS, The Black Dahlia Murder, BEHEMOTH, Der Blutharsch, SÓLSTAFIR, ASCENSION, LAIBACH, MORBID ANGEL, PARADISE LOST, PESTE NOIRE, TAAKE, ULVER and WATAIN. It is the Artist who painted blood and paint from human bones in the modern world. He is the only who could display the dark essence of “Malicia” album in the visual form!

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