THE VISION BLEAK ”The Kindred of the Sunset”

Prophecy Productions – 2016 – Germany

This EP is the new life sign of The Vision Bleak and it shortens the time until the release of their new album next month. The songs here are a bit more aggressive than on their last few releases. I like that personally very much. On this release are 4 songs, 2 new ones, 1 cover version of a Tiamat song and 1 instrumental. The first song here is the most agressive one, while the second song here has the deepest and almost haunted atmosphere and shows The Vision Bleak in a vein as we know them. The Sleeping Beauty is the cover track. Tiamat meets The Vision Bleak here. A dark combination. Purification Afterglow ends this release in a dark and peaceful way. The perfect ending for this EP.

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