DRAIN OF IMPURITY ”The Seventh Planet of the Infected Cygnus ”

More Hate Productions -2016- Turkey

If you are into brutal death metal stuff then Drain of Impurity should be a familiar name. This band is a project of Batu Cetin who is also active as a vocalist of the Turkish brutal death Cenotaph. In Drain of Impurity, Batu is responsible for everything – vocals,guitars,bass and drum programming. “The Seventh Planet…” is the third full-length album of the band and in case you have heard the previous releases then you should know what to expect. This record offers ten tracks built around guttural vocals,grinding drumming and heavy as a ton of bricks guitar riffs. There are also slower slamming parts that are capable of crushing the poor listener’s skull. You can hear some Devourment,you can hear some Deeds of Flesh,you can hear lots of heaviness and speed. The production of “The Seventh Planet….” is on a very good level,the sound of the guitars/bass is clear and the drum machine is professionally programmed. The bloody sci-fi cover artwork is another plus of this album…

Drain of Impurity is one of those bands that you will either love or hate because of its uncompromising style. If you are into brutal slamming death metal with good sound quality then waste no time and grab this record because it will please you for sure.


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