THE CLEANSING ”Poisoned Legacy”

Deepsend Records – 2009 – Denmark

Denmark band Cleansing say “Hola” to the ones who are bonded to pure death metal but seek for modern works. The album is the first album(recorded in 2007-2008 and released in 2009) of the band which is formed in 2007. Band is new but we may know the members from their other works.

Band do a death metal like 90s bright and this time’s legend American death metal bands. But sound and compositions are more modernised. It may remind Morbid Angel, Immolation etc. It’s freat for a debut album, it may be because the band members have the experience. Album cover is good too…

Technic, murderer-soul guitar riffs, ruthless and angry brutal vocals, technical drums, variable blast-beasted album makes the last ruthlessness in the 23rd second of the song “Awoken at Gunpoint”, a gun charger sound! That is the only thing fits the song’s 23rd second.

41 minutes album is a great job of The Cleansing and Jacob Hensen who is also the producer of Aborted, Dawn of Demise, Volbeat.


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