OPIUM WARLORDS ”Live at Colonia Dignidad”

Cobra Records – 2009 – Finland

If you listen to the songs first, you could imagine a dark, black, gloomy cover.I tought “What the hell is that?” while I was holding the album, an interesting booklet this album has.Opium Warlords is Sami Albert Hynninen’s one membered project started in 2004, and this is the firs product of that. Looking to the album name, you may think it’s a concert record, but it is not.

Depressive scream vocals may give an air of suicidal black metal but music doesn’t sound that way. Some songs have a clean-choir vocals. You can call that music doom. Dark, sad, chaotic athmosphered depressive album.

I can suggest to the ones who seek more dark, depressive, slow tempo and something heavier than the other so-called doom bands. It may feel boring to the ones who doesn’t know what he is listening to. It’s good in its own style, it really deserves to be called doom, sad enough…


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