SVART CROWN ”Witnessing the Fall”

Listenable Records – 2010 – France

SVART CROWN can be said as a new band from France, they formed in 2004, and they have one demo released in 2006, and have an album released in 2008. Nowadays, their new album “Witnessing the Fall” released via Listenable Records. They are already good enough to work with such a qualified label.

Album says hello to us with a smart and suitable for its style. I have like French black metal for a long time. SVART CROWN did not mislead me and also they have some death metal effects in their music, and it gives extra delight to album. It is not so easy to mix up those two music genres. Considering proportions, black metal has a strong influence on the band because of the structures of compositions and vocal styles. I can say right now that I really enjoy this music.

This album is so qualified that both black metal listeners and death metal listeners can listen to this album. I recommend this album to everyone who likes this style.


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