HUMANITY FALLS ”Ordaining the Apocalypse”

The Path Less Travelled – 2010 – USA

Humanity Falls is an American experimental brutal deathgrind band. Band’s debut album Ordaining the Apocalypse is from The Path Less Travelled Records.

Two members of the band are also the members of Animals Killing People. At first I felt like there will be a slam like impact. But it was unlike what I was thinking. Its more experimental mainly rather than death/grind I’d say.

Vocals are made of both with brutal vocals and guttural ones. Guitars are sometimes quite technical, and sometimes quite chaotic patterns at places; they tried different, different riffs. It’s hard only to tell about one routine riff shape. And the drummer fillling the drums whether needed kinda way. As there are filling with blastbeats, twins, there are also parts going slow and irregularly.

Album art cover is made by Jeroen van Valkenburg. As blue colour is massive, there is strange thing that human bodies are put one into another. As band’s lyrical concept is philosophy i tried to figure it out. But thats not one kinda cover art to figure it out i’d say.

If you like your brutal death metal with experimental flavour and seeking unusual ways, this band could meet your needings i could say at least.


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