SKOLL ”Misty Woods”

Occultum Productions – 2008 – Italy

“Misty Woods“ is an already relatively old release of 2008 which is nevertheless worth to be reviewed in 2013. The 1-man project SKOLL is behind it and has released this opus at the end of 2008.

The intro initially starts very calm and solid. Only carrried by guitar sounds “Enter The Woods“ gets by quite without any vocals. And also at the following songs are strummed very calm tones. Very atmospheric sounds which implement the touch with nature into music. Only with the help of guitars and vocals mystical songs full of silence and serenity develop. The listener is abducted in vast, icy worlds full of beauty and relaxation. Here you can take a break from everyday life. The use of violins and the sound of the sea reinforces and manifests this impression. The nine songs are a bit relaxed by the use of female vocals now and then. SKOLL are successful to raise no boredom in spite of the slowness of the song structures. Technically adept M has the ability to be innovative and nevertheless to be calm. “Misty Woods“ is a little pearl in the storm of the other releases. Who is into atmospheric music in the Pagan / Folk Metal area should listen to this cd by all means.

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