BLUT AUS NORD ”777 Cosmosophy”

Debemur Morti Productions – 2012 – France

The Frenchmen BLUT AUS NORD offer with “777 Comosophy“ the completion of their 777 trilogy. It was released in 2012 via Debemur Morti Productions.

You can also hear this time very experimental tones. BLUT AUS NORD doesn’t stay thereby at one musical genre. You can hear a mixture of Rock music, Ambient and Metal. Very arbitrrary compositions which are nevertheless very worth hearing. The all in all five songs offer very matured compositions which are not easy to consume. Sound collages woven in melodies which come in once avant-garde and then again rock solid. Very independent songs emerge by the experimentations with tones and music which impress with its compactness and ideas. Slowly constructing sound frameworks which are hard-to-reach at first sight for the listener. Darkness and hopelessness within your reach! “777 Cosmosophy“ is no easy to consume cd. The path to make this accessible is worthwhile by all means! It is always nice to hear that musicians move on to pastures new. Here is originated a little pear in the bog of the many grey releases which you should discover without fail!!!

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