Self-Released – 2010 – Greece

A deadly album from cross land was arrived me by Lugga Music at the time when there was a month for it’s release. Absence is the first full album after 2 demos of Greek band which was founded in 2002.

This is a sad album with depressive atmoshpere, low tempo and brutal vocal. Besides brutal vocal, there is a scream like dirty, depressive vocal, it is necessary for you to listen to see how it is suitable for the songs’ atmoshperes. Keyboard, slow guitars, violin and cello form a good wholeness. Upon hearing these instruments, listeners might expect very soft thing but don’t be mistaken, the band makes doom/death.

The album, consisting of 7 songs, lasts an hour and has long songs generally. “Lament, in F# Minor”, one of the short songs, worths listening, it consists of stringed instruments and keyboard, no drum no guitar, and represents the sad atmosphere of the album but I cannot say it represents the musical side of it. The last song, 19 minute, begins as a continued Lament in F# Minor and continues as the other songs of the album. A 19 minute song may be a boring one for most of us, but the band makes it easy for us to listen with changeable tempos. Even I can say that if this song was a short, it would be a bad one.

I really enjoyed when listening Saturnus’ album “Veronika Decides to Die” , Shattered Hope’s album Absence is like it, a good one, a delicious one to listen.

I listened to many black and death metal bands from Greece but if I am not wrong this is my first time that I have listened a doom metal band from there. A successful album, I recommend it for the ones who like doom metal as a brutal and deadly one.


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