Dutch death metal brutalizers SEVERE TORTURE are due to enter Hertz studios in Poland tomorrow to start the mix of their forthcoming album, “Sworn Vengeance”. The follow-up to 2005’s “Fall of the Despised” is due for release by Earache on September 10 and is set to be mixed by Hertz in-house producers Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski.

The Wieslawski brothers have earned their reputation for high-quality death metal productions with releases by DECAPITATED and VADER, among others.

To see a preview of the artwork for the album and for all upcoming news relating to the release, head over to

Catch SEVERE TORTURE live this summer at the Mountains Of Death festival, which is being held August 17-18 in Muotathal, Switzerland.

Source:Xtreem Musick

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