OTARGOS ”No God, No Satan”

Season of Mist – 2010 – France

French black metal band Otargos’ new album “No Good No Satan” is in the same mood with “Fuck God-Disease Process” album.

The album consists of 10 songs and 48 minutes. In this album, vocals are stressed more and a better sound is found. “Hoax-Virus-God” is like an intro song and there are just brutal vocal and guitar in the song.

What I found disturbing is, there is a stop in the middle of the every song and it starts again. It wouldn’t this bad if it was used just in 2 or 3 songs but they used this technic in almost every song. I think the reason of this is breaking the toughness of the songs. I found this exaggerated.

Vocals are thick and scream vocals again but in some parts, there are clean vocals too, I think this fits the songs very well. They add a mystic athmosphere with clean and distortion arpeggios.

Album cover is opposite of the album name. Twins in the cover, one of them is god one of them is satan but maybe band tells that we are the both.

I liked the album generally, a known Otargos album. My favourites are “Cloning the Divine” and “Cuius vis hominid est errare”.

I can suggest to those who like Watain, Urgehal, Behexen.


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