Punishment 18 Records – 2010 – Italy

How dark cover this is! I was playing ‘guess the genre from the cover and logo’ game, I was thinking a different genre. With the first song, I thought ‘I wasn’t so wrong’ but with the second song, they started thrash metal. I was expecting more depressive songs, because of the hanged man which is more obvious on the back cover. Still, you can feel the taste in the album cover right along with the cruelty of thrash metal.

In the album, they used Testament and Anthrax-like bands’ and new school modern metal bands’ musical structure. They used a vocal style that is a blend of thrash metal vocal and modern metal bands’ vocal style in addition to known 80s thrash metal vocal style.

I can’t tell this is pure thrash metal, the band is making a modernised music. I appreciate the band personally, I feel they will be loved by the thrash metal fans who are bound to the roots.


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