NILE ”At The Gates Of Sethu”

Nuclear Blast Records – 2012 – U.S.A.

After 3 long years, the American four piece Egyptian-Themed Brutal/Technical Death Metal band or as they call themselves “Ithyphallic Metal” NILE {Karl Sanders (Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, and Vocals), Dallas Toler-Wade (Guitar, Bass, and Vocals), George Kollias (Drums, Percussion) and the new comer Todd Ellis (Bass, Vocals)} stands solid with their seventh studio album “At The Gate Of Sethu”.

The album consists of unique riffing otherwise known as “Nile” riffs , oriental instruments, fierce solos, extreme drumming by George Kollias, speed, aggression… The lyrics always comes with meticulously researched explanations of each song’s lyric and insight into the different subjects tackled. This demonstrates the passion that the band has for Egyptology and the music that they make. Speaking of George Kollias’s extreme drumming, his drumming is flawless, he flawlessly keeps in perfect pace with all the riffs.

The atmosphere of this album is a place like the Egyptian version of “Clash of the Titans” with a little bit of additions like Sacrifice, Torture, Slavery, Flame… but the real story behind “At The Gate Of Sethu” is about a Great God who entered through it (The Gate Of the Serpent Sethu) and the other Gods inside acclaims the Great God…

I’m not going to tell you more than this about this album except that the production is excellent, if you want to know more about this album… Just purchase it.


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