MONUMENTOMB ”Ritual Exhumanition”

Demo- 2014- United Kingdom

The Englishmen MONUMENTOMB releasd with “Ritual Exhumation“ their first cd in in-house production. Look at the outcome.
MONUMENTOMB celebrate here the Death Metal. Energetic, powerful and with an unbridled hunger for darkness and strength. The fast, very diversified riffs atomise energy and at the same time hardness. They pierce pinpoint and merciless to the listeners’ heart. Supported by a little short of inhuman fast drumming and forceful bass-lines develop this way six thrilling Death Metal songs which fix into the ear canal. Despite of several variations in speed “Ritual Exhumation“ maintains at all times its aggressive, fast touch. The dark growls of vocalist and guitarist Byron Braidwood manifest the general impression and put the final touches to the production in terms of severity and aggressiveness. Profesional and dedicated recorded I can only recommend MONUMENTOMB to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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