Metal East : Nove Kolo 2020 Festival Line Up Completed

  • Last year, we became part of this quality festival. We added our experiences to our youtube channel and commented on the critics section. We are delighted to see this quality festival getting stronger this year. I look forward to being there again with full energy. Who knows, maybe we’il be there again! But I’m sure we will have our external participants from Turkey because we introduced quite good. We shared our memories of this festival both on our website and in local fanzines connected with us as a team. Yes, this year’s official announcement of the festival is with you!

The musical festival with a long history will be held in the format of a three-day art event on the territory of the Kharkiv Art-zavod “Mechanica” for the third year in a row.

Metal East Нове Коло is more than a music festival. For three festival days, the territory of the Art-zavod “Mechanica” will again turn into a large metal-object created from dozens of zones and activities, including the space of art projects, a wide food court, a lounge area on a summer open ground, the Meet&Greet location, where meetings with bands and special guests are held during the festival, as well as a large metal market, represented by the oldest and largest Ukrainian metal distributor Musical Hall.

• Primordial (Ireland)
• Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine) with exclusive set ‘Lunar Poetry’
• Kampfar  (Norway)
• Asphyx (Netherlands)
• Sinister (Netherlands)
• Desaster (Germany)
• Master (USA)
• Månegarm (Sweden)
• Aeternus (Norway)
• Warhammer (Germany)
• Rippikoulu (Finland)
• Pagan Altar – Alan Jones (England)
• Sarkrista (Germany)
• Totalselfhatred (Finland)
• Mayhemic Truth (Germany) with an exclusive show
• Gehenna (Norway)
• Violent Omen (Ukraine)
• Desiderii Marginis (Sweden)
• Colotyphus (Ukraine)
• Arkona (PL) (Poland)
• Orbstruct (Ukraine)
• Stryvigor (Ukraine)
• Necrom (Ukraine)
• GreyAblaze (Ukraine)


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