LEVIATHAN ”Beyond the Gates of Imagination”

Twilight Vertieb Records – 2011 – Germany

As a fan of German metal, Germany’s bands have never failed me, and as soon as I listened to Leviathan album (titled “Beyond the Gates of Imagination”) I hastily fell in love with their music: extreme yet melodic, kind of close to the extreme Gothenburg bands (such as Inflames (old) and At the Gates) while combining the great elements of Progressive metal, and falling under the same umbrella by their extreme riffing that Germany used to provide. The album art is good, reflecting a visionary view of a man looking up to a gate which describes the name of the album, making the viewer wonder what is it beyond it.Their influence of many genres added the touch of progressive atmosphere that is rare to find in other metal bands. This creates unique combination that gives the band “its own sound”.

Technically; this band has used many vocal layers, which were perfectly done: the shifting between deep growls and high pitch and adding clean and female vocals in harmonic flow with the music.The guitar riffs were preformed amazingly. Rhythm of the songs is executed in a way that is both fast and loud with parts calming down that do not conflict each other. The Solos are nice as they add a touch of deep feelings and do not lack the skills needed to produce a good track.

The drumming is awesome as well; great style shifting and well-chosen beats. A touch of bass is not absent in this release either.The variation in the songs’ lengths and the alternating between genres in most Progressive metal bands falls to an annoying edge most of the time, but in this bands’ case it’s well done.

After all, I wish this band a great future and I am looking forward to hear more albums with better quality and advance musical success.I recommended this album to the fans and listeners of Extreme, Folk, Progressive, Death and Melodic Death metal.


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