DEAD AWAKEN ” Where Hope Turns Dripping Red ”

Abyss Records – 2013 – Sweden

The Swedes DEAD AWAKEN put this year their first full-length cd “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red“ via Abyss Records on the Metal market.
What resounds here off my loudspeakers is something you like. Genuine Death Metal, straight and dark, is presented to the listener. Thereby DEAD AWAKEN have no regard for anything! Merciless thrashing in highspeed rolls like a roller towards the listener. Easy kept riffs which reinforce and manifest the rawness and nativeness of the production.These can be of course also chopped and brute. Even, if DEAD AWAKEN step a little bit off the gas doesn’t harm the bite and hardness of the production. In addition the little short of unhuman drumimng which is hard to beat of brutality. The dark, emphatic growls of shouter and guitarist Jürgen Kristensen go little short of into the Grindcore area. They outstanding fit in the overall structure. This extremely brutal and aggressive musical mixture literally invites for headbanging! Technically adept and forceful recorded you can very well pick out the professionalism of the recording. For fans of brutal Death Metal an absolute must!!!!


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