IXPAPALOTL ”Corpse Republic”

Self-released – 2013 – Greece

Despite its economical troubles in recent years,Greece has always been a country rich of qualitative metal bands.IXPAPALOTL (this tongue-twisting word is actually the name of a skeletal warrior goddess from the Aztec mythology) is a death/grind quintet from Athens and “Corpse Republic” is their third EP.The sound on this release is on a decent level and the guys obviously know how to play on their instruments.The drummer Nol is blasting relentlessly on the skins while Nuclear K and BugAss (quite a nickname!)deliver simple but effective guitar riffs.K.J.’s vocals are the standart death growls although it must be mentioned that you can actually understand the words that are coming out of his throat.In terms of influences IXPAPALOTL have elements from legends like CANNIBAL CORPSE,SUFFOCATION and a little bit of MORBID ANGEL (most evident in the second track “Ritual Freak”).As a whole this is not a bad release although it is nothing original or unheard of either.I’m expecting their debut full-length album with interest!


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