GRIEF OF EMERALD ”It All Turns to Ashes”

Non Serviam Records – 2012 – Sweden

You actually need not to say much about the Swedes GRIEF OF EMERALD anymore as a Black Metal fan. Late last year they are heard from again with “It All Turns To Ashes“. The cd is distributed via No Serviam, Records.

Here is indulged the dark side of music. The lsitener is offered very technical played Black Metal in all its facets at the highest stage. Symphonic melodies underlaid with orchestral parts let the all in all nine songs sound very epic and mellow. But, no fear. The hard aspect of the Black Metal is also doesn’t miss out here! Supported by severe doubleblast drumming and very multi-variant and arbitrary riffs GRIEF OF EMERALD let develop musical worlds of ice and beauty. “It All Turns To Ashes“ receives variability and doesn’t stagnate at any time by the skilful merging of tempi and melodies. The used keyboard sounds give additional morbidity which becomes the production! Spiced with expressive growls develops a small artistic sythesis. The perfect sound for nemesis. Modern and nevertheless full of hate and darkness. You can’t also grumble here productional. Technically adept recorded offers “It All Turns To Ashes“ everything a modern, technical Black Metal album needs. Listen to the cd. You will be thrilled!!!

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