Unique Leader – 2016 – U.S.A

Battering is still going on in 2016,one of the bombs fall from California,Inherit Disease,they hit to scene back with Ephemeral album.The medial event here is killer brutal death metal,partly hallucinated and technical brutality in guitars galloping around,blasting drums in high temp is the coursebook of sound and violent and non-human(from like the three headed monsterous creatures like Ephemeral album artwork)vocals drain your brain.If you know Inherit Disease,you know that they keep going on progressing their brutal and killer death metal songs and sound in every album ,so you know,you can not hope another thing from the guys who are the neighbours of Disgorge and Deeds of Flesh from the Cali streets ,pedigreed brutality is the brand name of this new album and band. After a long time,their long-awaited new new album makes me happy and of course ,will make brutal death metal maniacs,too.There is no bullshit in here like slutty non-organized slam parts or vagabond guitar parts running behind ,all parts and songwritings are pretty good and well developed .So,BEWARE,39 minutes of hulk-like adrenaline rush of technical brutality is waiting for you.

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