HOLLOW PHOBOS – Terminally Fucked Up

Dispomania Records – 2013 -England

Recently I took notice of the 1-man project HOLLOW PHOBOS from England.
The music of HOLLOW PHOBOS is very specific. Extremely atmospheric sounds in the Ambient area which get along quite without vocals and other folderol. At the availabe to me songs you can thereby hear no further instrumentation at all. They are effective alone by the synthesizer sounds which generate an oppressive and depressing atmosphere. The listener runs a cold shiver down his back while listening. The perfect soundtrack for an Armageddon movie. Dream worlds of hopelessness and endless coldness.develop. The noise insertions now and then reinforce isolation and darkness and engulf the listener into a deep emotional abyss of which there is no escape. Nothing for bad nerves! Skilful arranged is the music of HOLLOW PHOBOS a little pearl in the Ambient / Experimental music area. Check out HOLLOW PHOBOS and get an idea of your own. It’s worth it!!!!


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