GRAVEWORM ”Ascending Hate”

AFM Records -2015- Italy

Graveworm is one of those bands whose work I have been listening to since the birth of this band. Someof their releases were very good while some other were disappointing like “Engraved in Black” and “(N)Utopia”. Unfortunately, this album goes more into the last category. Too bad actually, since I thought that they will return to their old glory because of their last two albums. What can I say about this record why I have my problems with it? First of all, it isn’t so melodic anymore like it was the case with their previous albums. OK, there are still some melodic elements in the songs, but not as much as it would be good and how we know it from them. Second, the songs here are not as catchy as Graveworm can do them. None of the tracks here on this album can stand shoulder by shoulder with some of their previous great songs. Third, this might not be a great thing, but I still miss it; no cover song. I always enjoyed how they covered some great songs from the past since they always had some great ideas.


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