LES DISCREST”Live At Roadburn”

Prophecy – 2015 – France

This release was recorded on April the 19-th in the Roadburn Festival in Holland. So far, this is the only live recording from this talented band from France and on it, they play some of their best material so far. 8 songs were played there back then and the recording has a crystal clear sound for such a recording. You won’t hear here any bad sound as it can be the case on certain live albums, I might even say that the band sounds here almost like on the albums and I am not accusing them of playback or such things so don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to mention this that they sound very good and that they are very professional musicians. The only thing which I am missing here is the sound of the audience. Ok, you can hear them at the end of the songs applauding to the band, but I don’t hear them very loud. Maybe the audience there wasn’t so loud or maybe it was done so. I don’t know. Now, I am just missing a new record from Les Discrets and see them maybe live if possible to see how it looks since this live record is only audio, not video.

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