COFFINBORN”Benath the Cemetery”

Xtreem Musick- 2014 – Hungary

COFFINBORN from Hungaria published last year their debut cd “Beneath The Cemetery“ at the label Xtreem Music.
The guys celebrate here Death Metal. Old School riffs which connect with a powerful, diversified drumming to an unholy musical mass. You are straight relegated to the good old days. Played in the mid tempo up to the upper mid tempo the all in all four songs are despite of their hardness astonishing variable. Partially halting riffs emphasize agrressiveness and darkness. The dark, very emphatic growls of vocalist and drummer Blasphemy yet intensifiy the extremely aggressive atmosphere. It originates an independent sound thunderstorm with a lot of passion and aggressiveness which thrills the listener from the first to the last minute. Recorded with a lot of dedication and with much blood, sweat and tears you should listen to “Beneath The Cemetery“ by all means. A well-made debut which definitely whets your appetite!!!!


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