GODSKILL”I:The Forthcoming”

Bret Hard Recordings – 2016 – Germany

GODSKILL are from Germany. With the help of the well-known label Bret Hard Records they put in November 2016 their first cd which is called “I:The Forthcoming“ on the Metal market.
You feel here straight relegated into the 90-ies. Superb Old School Death Metal which sounds anything but frumpy. The spirit of bands like like DISMEMBER is here admittedly upheld. Nevertheless it isn’t glorified or dull covered.. Dark going forwards Death Metal riffs which constitute a symbiosis between melody and hardness. The skilful game with tempi let develop dynamics and freshness. The forceful doubleblast drumming caters together with the dark growls for hardness, aggression and rage. Run-in, halting riffs additionally caters for a depressing atmosphere. The all in all ten songs ooze of joy of playing and richness of alternation. The sympathetic listener takes great delight! The song “The Prophecy 1 – Dreams Of Fatima“ is mentioned here as a treat which offers an intro with Gregorian chants. That much on the subject of alternation! Professional recorded you should take “I:The Forthcoming“ to heart by all means!!!!


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