DRUNKNROLL ”On The Knife Blade”

Metal Scrap Records – 2012 – Russia

I’m listening Russian band Drunknroll’s new album, I heard that this is their second album but I don’t have any idea about first. Coverart reminded me Jig-Ai, but bands are irrelevant as musically.

Music sounds like melodic death metal but construct of compositions are heavy metal with modern and progressive touches. I’ve never listened a band like Drunknroll, they are really interesting. Different and technical riffs with progressive/heavy metal structure. Interesting clean vocals used, maybe it would be a little more different, anyway it sounds good, also brutal parts sounds good. Guitar solos and solo tones are very succesful, keyboards are so nice. All lyrics are Russian, also albums original name is “На Лезвии Ножа”.

I can recommend this album who wants to listen some modern metal and interesting stuff.


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