DORMANT ORDEAL ”It Rains, It Pours”

Self-released – 2013 – Poland

The Poles DORMANT ORDEAL released with “It Rains, It Purs“ their first full-length cd in in-house production.

The gents play Death Metal. Awkward songs which are not easy to consume, but nevertheless have their charme resound off my loudspeakers. The pretty arbitrary riffs and adaptations compose the unique sound of DORMANT ORDEAL. Nevertheless “It Rains, It Purs“ is no experimental cd, but Death Metal through and through. The songs tear forwards pwerful, dark and with ravenous energy. The gloomy growls give additional main points and yet reinforce the hardness of the production. Severe doubleblast drumming which is proffered to the listener fast and powerful fits well into the musical overall structure. The all in all twelve songs all move in the mid tempo area. Technically adept recorded offers “It Rains, It Purs“ everything a Death Metal heart desires.

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