STIGE ”Skar(N)fication”

Self-released – 2012 – Italy

The Italians STIGE are since 2001 already musically active. After a demo and one EP they released last year with “Skar(N)fication“ their debut in in-house production.

You can hear here Old School Death Metal. Intense, catchy songs which reflect hardness and aggressiveness. The listener gets under constant fire of fast doubleblast drumming and severe Death Metal riffs. These can also make leeway into the melodic area. But, they never loose its hardness. The dark, very distinctive growls leave a lasting impression on the listener. The all in all eight songs go forward. By the variable use of speed now and then the cd is taken a bit of hardness and is given simultaneously more variability and varying. This only accrues “Skar(N)fication“! A demolition bomb of power which is high explosive and crushes everything which obstructs. Headbanging from the first to the last minute is here the order of the day! STIGE are successful with “Skar(N)fication“ to present a technical impeccable recorded cd. For each fan of Brutal Death Metal a must-buy!!!

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